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Not all jobs that are available on cruise lines requires traveling or it doesn’t have to be on board a cruise ship. Most of the jobs that are very essential to a cruise operation starts on shore and one of the important division is the sales and reservation department of the cruise line. This division takes care of the ticketing and reservation of the cruise for the passengers that are interested in going on a cruise. Here are the few position available in a cruise ship for those interested in working on shore for a cruise line.

Reservation Sales Agent – this position will require the applicant to undergo a training program (paid training for most cruise lines). The responsibility of the reservation sales agent are concerned with calls from travel agents regarding new and existing bookings and reservations.

Inside Sales Representative – an experience of one to two years in customer service is required in this position. As they will be interacting with a lot of people, good communication skills is required. The inside sales representative is in charge of the in-house support to outside sales representative.

Cruise Assistance Desk Representative – requires good communication skills as they will be selling products through telemarketing.

Reservation Supervisor – this position will be responsible for monitoring, evaluating and developing of vacation planners and will be in charge in communicating with the positions under his/her department to make sure that the operations will run smoothly.

Sales Manager – will be heading and leading the sales team in all aspect of the sales matter of the cruise lines. Requires experience in supervising as this position will be holding and be responsible to sales crew.

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