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A cruise ship job is successful if and only you observe and obey certain rules and regulations. Your campaign for a successful cruise journey will be shortened or worse, dumped because of baffling a rule you don’t know. Your stay in the ship is troubled because of failure to go about the company’s etiquette. Ignorance is not an excuse. Never let unknowing suspend your dream job. You should understand that good behavior is the lifeblood of a cruise ship career. Take time to study about your company’s rules and regulations. By that, your cruise ship job will be as smooth as silk, as joyful as a street party.

Rules may vary depending on the ship that you are riding. But to know all the basics is so advantageous. Here are some basic rules in a cruise ship that an employee should observe and obey.

  • If you’re on an area where public people goes, it means you are currently ‘on service”. No matter what the time is, it is your responsibility to provide service to those who are in need.

  • Cruise ship jobs are not different in any other job. Punctuality is always important. This tells your dedication on your job.

  • You can’t start or join any fraternities on the ship. Remember that the reason why you’re there is work. Any issues that have no connection to your job should be dropped.

  • You can’t miss the ship. On stop overs, you must come on the set time or else, find way back home on your own. There is also chance that by committing this, you will never be able to come back to your work again.

  • Always observe the rule of “no naked flame in an accommodation area”. The ship is taking care of so many lives, along with a million-worth of equipments and properties. So it is your responsibility to take care of the ship and the passengers.

  • Always maintain the dress codes imposed by the company. You should always act in accordance.

  • Never get drunk while on duty. Don’t use drugs or any illegal medicines.

  • It is a mortal sin to bring a passenger to your cabin. It will be a big damage on the ship’s credibility once an issue occur. The ship can also be held liable for the misconduct of its staff.

  • Complain only to the right person. Don’t pick random people and ask them things they do not know, it just might cause a bigger trouble.

  • Don’t slam your cabin door, it is so rude for an employee. Control the volume of your voice when talking inside the cabin, you might disturb other passengers.

These are just the basic rules and regulations the a cruise ship staff should observe, there still more of this when you set a foot on the actual cruise ship. To make your stay stress-free, learn the proper manners. Don’t be shy to ask about what confuses you.

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This is a great help for my cousin who is now working on a cruise ship at NSMS, I will send this to him right away!

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