How fast can you get a job on board cruise ship?

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People struggling to get a job that pays well. Having great educational background is one of the supporting tools to get it. But sometimes when our dreamed job comes up we are not qualified to apply because of our Cumulative Grade Point below company's standard or lack of experience. Most of the International companies that employ international worker will not accept candidates that out of their criteria. It doesn't matter where you are from, who you are, and what you are as long as you are qualified, they'll hire you. International cruise companies employ their crews from several countries. But few of them employ only specific country for some job position, and that make uncomfortable feeling comes up due to discrimination issue.
To find the right job and get a job on board cruise line is not easy. We have to know what our educational background before applying for the job. It isn't funny if we are applying for waiter job with IT background. What should we do to get a job on board prestigious cruise line if our educational background is not related to cruise job? Well, we should find our interest first to work on board cruise ship. Simple thing to do just hang out with friends or somebody who has experience working on board cruise ship and ask what you need to know and dig the information as much as you need. Then you need to find out what you really need to do to manifest that idea. Most of the cruise line companies require you to have experience at the same field or type of job as well as appropriate educational background even just courses or diploma of marine hotel college. If you are a university graduate, you can just simply taking a short course of housekeeping or food service or other hotelier jobs at any marine hotel colleges. Then you need to take about 6 months to 1 year on the job training at 5 star hotels in the same field of the job position that you are looking for on board cruise ship. It is need sometimes of course to manifest that idea, but it really worth something, which is not bad salary. Most of professional waiters or cabin stewards could earn more than US$ 2000.00 monthly and that's equal to IDR 20 million a month. With the renewable contracts of 6 months on and 8 weeks off, it become a job that really challenging, especially for Indonesian youngster.
Getting the right information about cruise jobs can be easily obtain to Seven Oceans Jogja, a cruise ship jobs consultant. No matter who you are, where you are, and what you are, if you wanna change your life into a beautiful life by working on board prestigious cruise line, you could just simply ask them to help you. There's no such cruise ship jobs consultant that guaranteed you to get a job on board cruise ship, except Seven Oceans Jogja. Many people have proven their service and get a job on board cruise line,

How To Get A Cruise Ship Job! !

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