Norwegian Cruise Line : No Surveillance Tapes Released

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According to reports Norwegian Cruise Line has refused to release their surveillance tapes after a violent attack on a passenger.

The man attacked is identified as Matthew Ashe a resident of Stevenson Washington who has filed a suit against the Norwegian Cruise Lines after a violent assault on him. Where three men with beer bottles attacked him, he was also kicked and punched during the attack during a March 2008 cruise on the Norwegian Star.

The cruise on the Norwegian Star was taken with Ashe’s parents who have requested that the cruise line provide them with a copy of the surveillance tapes so their son can identify his attackers. The surveillance tapes recorded the attack and the Norwegian Cruise Line has let the request by Ashe’s parents go unanswered for the past year. The Ashe family along with a local law firm requested the surveillance tapes to identify the three men to the FBI.

The next step the Ashe’s took was to hire a maritime attorney located in Miami Florida, the same city the cruise line is based. The response the maritime attorney has gotten was having their emails to the Norwegian Cruise Line block their emails.

The family has now filed a Federal law suit in Miami in order to obtain the surveillance tapes in order to have the information they need to give the FBI about the assault. They have also joined the International Cruise Victims, which is a non profit organization based in Washington state. They also intend to contact their congressional representatives so other cruise passengers do not have these problems.

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