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After landing a chance for a cruise ship job interview, you should take time to prepare for the questions that may be asked. It is important to think of the best answers to these questions to increase your chances of having your own cruise ship job. These preparations can also help you decide on whether a cruise ship career is for you as the questions are designed to tell the recruiter if your are fit for a job on board.

Questions to be asked are intended to help the interviewer find out whether you can do a cruise ship job and if you would be a good cruise crew. Some of the questions to be asked may include:

  • Can you work and live as part of a team composed of people from different nationalities?

  • Would you be able to live on board a high pressure and sometimes difficult environment?

  • Do you get sea sick?

  • Can you live away from home and family for at least six months?

  • Are you adaptable and flexible?

  • Can you live in a tiny cabin which may be shared with another crew member?

You can prove your readiness for the job by answering these questions positively and of course, honestly. Preparing for this kind of questions will provide you a huge advantage in securing a job on board.

Learning a second language is also another advantage that you may gain in improving your chances of getting hired. You don’t have to be an expert or fluent speaker, a reasonably and understandable proficiency is beneficial as cruise ships have passengers of many nationalities and visits different parts of the world that is why there is always a need for a crew with second language.

English is the most important language but the requirement for a crew member is to understand at least the basics of another language is increasing. It may be to offer directions, take orders, or anything else that a foreign passenger may request of you.

You can get the best help from experienced crew members with Cruise Line Job Guide. They offer a guide which can help you decide, prepare and actually get any of the cruise ship jobs that you desire.

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This is a great help. I'll send this link to my cousin who is currently looking for a cruise ship job vacancies Philippines Thanks for sharing!

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