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Maybe,You have been imagining quite a long time about locating a nice used trawler or motor yacht to sail the intracoastal waterway and perhaps the Bahamas; it's been your lifelong aspiration. Only you are brand new to big boats and imagine you want to get a better idea of what it will take to maintain her before proceeding.

But Loosen Up, we have all had to begin from where you are. Before the Internet was born it was a learn-as-you-go affair; seldom was there some one about to ask. to assist those of you still contemplating the move, this article is intended to make the process a bit simpler.

In this publication I will answer this question, "What does the maintenance of a used trawler or motor yacht consist of". I own a 40 foot trawler, therefore, i am going to explain the details as it relates to my boating background.

For starters, bear in mind that maintenance on a trawler will usually be greater the less time you use her. Boat systems need to be worked. This list of course does not include items that fail without notice.


Engine oil/filter exchanges every 100 hours or according to manufacturer
Change transmission oils after 500 hours
Engine zinc replacement annually or as needed
Engine raw water system cleaning/flushing every 3 years or as needed
Install new raw water impellors every two years
Change fuel filters every year
New engine belts as needed
Clean raw water strainers monthly or as needed
Replace hoses and clamps as needed
Touch up engine paint as needed
Add fuel biocide when taking on diesel

Polish fuel when needed


Check bilge/sump pumps monthly or as required
Check and exchange automatic switches when needed
Turn on electronics monthly and permit to heat up
Replace batteries about every 6 years


Service/clean ElectroScan waste system electrodes monthly
Service/clean salt water flush systems with muriatic acid monthly


Clean boat bottom and running gear monthly
Inspect zincs monthly, replace as needed
Apply new bottom paint out of water biannually
Inspect bottom for hydrolysis out of water biannually
Service rudder posts at haul out
Inspect props and propellers at haul out
Check stuffing boxes monthly or install dripless packing
Exercise thru hull sea cocks annually


Apply new varnish to bright work annually
Remove and reapply varnish to bright work every 5 years
Repair fiberglass gel coat as needed
Apply new deck paint as needed
Polish stainless as necessary
Clean and polish canvas and glass as needed
Evaluate replacing canvas every 5-6 years
Wash and wax as needed
Inspect and replace dock lines and fenders monthly

Heating/Air Conditioning

Clean strainers monthly
Clean/replace intake hoses biannually or as needed
Charge system as needed

So there you have it. It looks like a lot but it really is not. I check most of the details automatically as I'm going about the boat everyday.

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