Marine Certificate of Proficiency STCW-95: Survival Craft and Rescue Boat

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As stipulated in the Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for seafares or STCW 1978 amendments to 1995, Survival Craft and Rescue Boat or SCRB stated in section A-VI / 2. SCRB can be interpreted as knowledge about the plane / craft safety and rescue ship. What is meant by survival craft is a boat safety of aircraft, and a rubber lifeboat. Meanwhile, rescue boats, rescue boats which are usually used in the event of incident or Man Overboard MOB (man who fell off the boat and floating on the sea). Every ship that sailed under Chapter III of SOLAS 1974, each ship must be equipped with 6 types of equipment and aircraft safety as follows:

* Life Boat (lifeboat) * Life Raft (life raft) * Life Buoy (buoy helper) * Buoyant Apparatus (tools options ~ life buoy rings, etc * * Life Jacket (waistcoat helper) * Line Throwing Apparatus (rope thrower)
Life Boat is usually made of fiberglass and equipped with motors and other safety equipment (bottled water, food / biscuit, signaling device (parachute flares, hand flares, smoke, mirrors, etc.). Depending on the size of boat life, for the average cruise ship a life boat can carry about 150 passengers at the time of emergency and can be used for tendering service (carrying passengers to and from the pier / port of the ship at anchor) with a maximum carrying 75 passengers.
Life Raft is used in ships are usually made of rubber and wrapped in a capsule, are inflatable and placed on an open deck and only tied with automatic release. Usefulness of the automatic release is to release Life Raft automatically when the ship sank beneath the sea more or less after reaching the depth of 2-4 meters. Life Raft thus may expand at sea level and can be used by the passengers who survived. There are also safety equipment on the Life Raft (life raft) as the life boat.
In the event of emergency situations such as fires or ship accident that caused the ship would sink, ship's captain / master will make an announcement through the PAS, or Public Announcement System which can be heard throughout rauangan in the boat. If the master ordered to leave the ship or abandon ship, the captain will sound the alarm as follows:

* Abandon Ship Alarm: seven short blast followed by one long blast repeated at least three times or seven short sound followed by one long sound is repeated at least 3 times. * Fire alarm: one short-one long sounded three times and repeated continously with a short announcement, or one long one is repeated three times and then followed the announcement of the continuous bridge / bridge.

After hearing the alarm is in charge of each crew should perform what tasks listed in mustering list or assignment of the Chief Officer or Captain. For the crew on duty at the time of hearing are expected to abandon ship alarm into her bedroom and dressing warmly and mamakai lafe jacket and headed to the muster station and perform each task (boat commander and checking passengers and assistantnya completeness mengechek ~ life jacket and Presence ~). After all the passengers considered ready and prepared to operate the boat, the passengers began to embark into the boat with loud calculated based on serial numbers and regulated by the assistant commander boat seat. After that the boat down and automatically bowsing tacle will detach from the rope after a boat hook to touch the surface of the sea.

After launching the boat in the water so the boat away from the aircraft carrier to avoid join terisapnya lifeboat into the sea when the ship sank. At the time of all passengers in the boat given seasick pills or medicine for motion sickness to avoid the passengers seasick. Then the boat pulled Life Raft and collect them into one and patrolling around about the sinking of the carrier to make sure no passengers are not safely rescued or overlooked. After that the whole Life Raft in the position in the middle surrounded by the whole boat. Drinking water in the form of a small package 0.5 liter / person / day was given after the 1x24 hours, whereas a biscuit food containing high calories. If the food has been the fishing gear used to fish in the sea. When running out of drinking water, the passengers can gather emergency in the morning dew and menempungnya and rainwater as much (the lifeboat and life raft in order to optimize the design of rainwater crawl as much.

That is the main thing to note in Survival Training Craft and Rescue Boat to be known and applied by each of every sailor in anticipation of an emergency on board. For your senior sailors of course you've been doing and knew what it was Survival Craft and Rescue Boat. To further the number if anyone wants to know more can comment directly under nanya through. Hope this article is useful for all of you and may God Bless you all. Cheers

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