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Talking about cruises agent is not far from what is called trust. Sometimes the agent that in fact the famous ship did not ensure that applicants accept to leave in a short time. The majority of Indonesian citizens who embrace the practical and instant systems are often impatient in through the recruitment process. So very easy to use naughty brokers with grandiose promises like the promise of fast, straight off, etc. by paying money in advance. Therefore, here we explain some point the process of recruiting new crew hired a yacht from start to finish including:

* Screening Applications

If you are lucky and have an application in accordance with the criteria that agencies can provide faster processing, depend on the number of applicant, which really only qualified to be called (a certified sailor ~ BST, SCRB, CCM ~, Passport, and Seaman Book).

* Call Interview

After the application passes screening, applicants will be called for interview. Interview conducted by several examiners to determine English proficiency and skill capabilities based on previous work experience. There are also agents who conduct direct interviews to the applicants is to walk in interview system. Walk in Interview with the applicants do not need to wait a long time screening applications for qualified declared or not, if qualified Direct line interview, if not qualified rejected and walk out.

* Process Competency Test

Usually after the applicant passes the interview test will be given additional tests such as or ISF Marlins Home Language Test (Home Test using the computer) with test results or scores must exceed the minimum standard of achievement in accordance with the hire company based on the proposed position. If applicants do not reach the minimum score, the agent will give you wisdom as to repeat the test (waiting for a month) or found not qualified and is considered failed if the applicant did not demonstrate a reasonable score.
* Report to the Agency

After the entire hiring process and the applicant stated run away, then the applicant will be given a covering letter with photo and crew temporary ID, which will be used to report to the Agency. After reporting an official applicant to crew a yacht with crew given ID number and schedule of Medical Check Up to a designated hospital. Results of Medical Check Up must be returned to the Agency, if the applicant was not declared fit, hospital doctors do not issue health test documents and a consideration for the company. If the applicant has a disease such as hepatitis or AIDS and other diseases are easily transmitted and there is no cure, is automatically rejected applicants for a crew. If the applicant has a disease that can be cured and not harm, the applicant must heal illness and follow medical tests repeated. Special vacsinasi Flu Shot, german measles, etc are also provided periodically to the whole crew ship each follow-up medical check. Check-up costs ranged from Rp.800 thousand - Rp. 1200 thousand depending on the hospital where medical tests done and borne by the crew.

* Process Documentation

After undergoing medical tests, participants will make the process of creating documentation such as Passport, Seaman Book, and the other sailors certificate. Each sailor must have book sailors. To get the book sailors, sailors must have BST or Basic Training Certificate IMO rules in 1995 amendments to STCW 1978. In the certificate there are BST Up Tax Code Seafarer Seafarers or used as a seaman book registration number. All the sailors registered in Indonesia Sea Transportation Department and can be viewed online here. Each agency or company International cruises have different provisions for his crew, there are quite a BST only, some are asking for additional certificates such as the SCRB and the CCM. Certificates can be obtained by sailors on Campus Sailing training and other training institutions such as the sailor: PIP Semarang, Focus Recruitment Training Center, and Pertamina Maritime Training Center.

* The Crew Training

Depending on agency procedures and referral training company for each new crew of hired, training / training aims to familiarize the crew with the work will be done on the boat, train the skills of English skills, practicing self-discipline, forming a good attitude, and providing sustenance enough to each crew to be ready in carrying out their duties and obligations while working on cruise ships. Not all agencies in Indonesia have the training facilities, only a few agencies are doing, among MS. Nieuw Jakarta is located in Jln. Gema pedestal RT / RW: 018/06, Sand Koci, Weak Abang, Cikarang 17550, Indonesia Phone: +62-21-8990-1138, to train the Holland America Line crew either new hire or repeater crew. Standard provided by the company is always updated and given to the crew in training. For the crew who run the training in MS Nieuw Jakarta will be charged Rp. 5 million for the cost of dormitory and catering service. New Hired crew will undergo training depending on the position / her rank, for example, to Lido Stewards will undergo training for 2 months (1 month languages and Skill 1 month) with assessment tests done every week to know the progress of training. Every week new crew hired will receive a stipend approximately Rp. 130 thousand as salary. Likewise with PT Meranti Magsasay and PT Ratu Oceania Raya who conduct training for new crew hired its own cost.

* Visa Process

After completing training, new crew will be hired through Visa manufacturing process. Visas are made depending on the location where the yacht was working. Most cruise ships operating in the United States, Europe, and Australia. For cruise companies operating in the United States, each crew must have a U.S. C1 / D visa and for operating in Europe European countries depending on the cruise ship where it operates such as Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece, and England. To make American visa, the agency will arrange it (Filling Documents and Interview Appointment) and the crew just came up with evidence of appointment paper and Employment Letter from company, then pay at the checkout for U.S. $ 131.00 and paid in Rupiah (depending on the dollar against the rupiah exchange rate) prior to attending the visa interview with U.S. Embassy officials. After payment, applicant will get a form to be filled, assisted by officers checked before entering the interview room. To enter into the interview room, applicant must pass through metal detector and HP and other electronic goods entrusted to the officers. Applicant will be called for interview to the counter counter provided. Applicant will be queued into line behind the counter in accordance with the code on the paper given by the officer (eg A1-A11). After conducting interviews, Embassy officials will give a direct answer. If the applicant is received, applicant will be given a paper receipt containing the date of decision-making visa. If pending, applicant will be given a receipt bearing the same pending (usually sent to interview again, or special checking ) and it all depends on the Embassy to issue visas or not. If rejected, all documents are signed at the Embassy will be returned to the applicant on the spot for reasons that can be asked directly to the Embassy officials who to interview.

* Departure toCruises

After Visa obtained, hired new crew will wait for the departure. Schedule of departure is usually obtained at the time crew through the above process. Most after getting a visa, hired new crew did not wait too long (between 2 weeks to 3 months). However, it all depends on the Agency who had hired and the process. There are up to wait months and months even years to wait for departure, though in the end went well.
Thus the recruitment process for our cruise which can be from various sources trusted. Please note that the agency is not a broker, you should not apply to brokers with upfront charge and promise very tempting. Agency did not collect fees in the recruitment process (screening applications), and only ask for a reasonable fee for the process documentation, training, etc.. Most yacht brokers sell dreams to those who lay with the promise must go, must be accepting, etc.. So, just be careful when you decide to join Cruise Line Employment Agency, do not you wasting time and useless waste of money in large amounts for nothing. Good Luck everyone ....

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