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Norwegian Cruise Line - Jewel

Still in awe of these ships that you are able to cruise on. The day we got back to Miami port there were 5 large ones docked and then as we drove over to Ft. Lauderale Airport there were 6 more docked at that port.
It must be a very big business for these areas.
This ship would not even be considered the top of the line...although the NCL is launching a new one called EPIC and the Royal Caribbean has one called the "Oasis of the Seas" which just takes your breath away.
One day hubby and I were watching on the Discovery channel the building of the "Freedom of the Seas" It almost seems similar to Vegas where each owner is trying to build something bigger and better.

and Our youngest has been on several companies ships and prefers the PRINCESS line and if all goes well we take that this August up to Alaska (had to cancel last year because of hubby's heart attack and son's illness)
NOT sure and my hubby said after this one he thought my cruising days might be over.
This trip we were invited up to one of the POSH suites for a cocktail party and to "view" the Villa. In fact the agent we had gone through had received a call prior to our sailing if my youngest girl's family want to pay and extra $8000.00 and be upgraded??
This suite (unless you get a sell-off) cost $25,000 for the first 2 people.

so, We have prefered the NCL line as it is family friendly and my six grandkids were under $300.00 a piece for our 9 day cruise.
It actually will cost MORE to go to Alaska as it seems the closer you are to a place the more it costs????? Not sure of the reasoning there.

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